Friday, January 20, 2012


I am more impressed with the Yuma area than the last time I was here. I am amazed at all the produce in the fields. cabbage, celery, cauliflower etc. Not to mention dates, oranges, and lemons. It truly is the produce capital of America if not the world.  We have seen some interesting historic sites. We know that the Mormon Battalion crossed the Colorado River not far from where we car camped. Just North of Algodonas, Mexico. By the way Algodonas means cotton in Spanish and we have a seen lot of that growing.  We walked across the border on Monday to my dental appointment. I was surprised at how clean and modern it was. Not like Tijuana. We were there about an hour and just walked back over. Of course we needed our passports. They say sometimes it is hours to get back across if it is busy. Tomorrow when I get my tooth done I think we will ride out bikes and that way we can go to the head of the line.

We also went to the old Yuma Penitentiary.  Very interesting. But did you know the Yuma High School mascot is a Criminal. Yes The Yuma Criminals they are called. Now how is that for setting a role for the students.

We took a quick trip to Lake Havasu so see my brother and then through Quartzite. Didn't stop at the rock shop. We aren't into rocks. But it is amazing that thousands of people bring their RVs and just camp on the bare desert. Dry camping. They have to be self-contained. But it is free camping.   Not for me!

Today we drove out to a small outpost called BARD where a guy has a collection of hundreds of old Model t and A cars and old farm implements. It was interesting to see quite the collection and they still work.

The best part was when we went to the date farm and got a date milkshake. YUMMY! Very rich. Mark and I had to split a small one  very sweet, but good.

MEXICO HERE WE COME!             CROSSING THE BORDER            Mark looks for a belt

Off to the dentist

I feel very safe now???
    Clean and sanitary.

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