Thursday, January 19, 2012

A quick visit to the new Gila River LDS Temple in Safford, Arizona

We took a day trip with our friend Elaine to Safford to the new Gila River Temple. It was very beautiful. Lots of pale Turquoise accents in the furnishings and stained glass.  We went to Benson to see friends of Mark's  from he old RV days. I enjoyed the ride through the desert because it reminded me of all the J.A. Jance books I have read and the Joanna Brady and Ali Reynolds stories. I could picture where all their stories took place. A great series if you like detective stories.
Gila Valley Temple

 "The Thing" was a favorite stop for Mark and his boy scouts when he lived in Benson, Arizona. They would always stop here for ice cream.  Of course we did also.  Apparently "The Thing" is one of those tourist   traps where you have to pay $1 to see an old mummy.  We passed on that one.
 We stopped at another marker for the Mormon Battalion here in Benson. It was not too far from here where "The Battle of the Bulls" took place. It was the only battle they ever had to fight when some bulls stampeded and over turned some
wagons and gorged a couple of mules.

This is Pacheco Peak just outside of Tucson. When the Battalion saw this landmark they called it "The Horn"  Mark has actually climbed to the top of this in his more agile days.

Before leaving the Tucson area I must mention the great "YARN CAPER" or "PAT PLAYS HANSEL AND GRETEL WITH THE YARN." We were staying in the exclusive RV park called The Voyager and it is huge! One evening we decided to walk the 3 blocks to see a jam session of musicians who live in the park. As usual I took my crocheting with me. I stuck my work in one pocket and my HUGE spool of washcloth yarn in the other and off we went. Just as we approached the entertainment room my "work" came flying out of my pocket and landed about 10 feet away on the pavement. "What the heck is going on?"  I went back and to my horror I was yarn trailing off into the dark. Mark stated walking to retrace our steps and I started winding. A couple was standing by just laughing. They had wondered why someone had strung yarn "all over the park". Yikes they were right. It was stretching 3 blocks back to our RV where it had dropped out of my pocket and snagged on some rocks. Needless to say it was entwined in cacti, palm trees, rocks etc and in some places was up about 2 feet. It took Mark and I about 20 minutes of winding to meet each other. Thankfully no one else saw us. He is so glad he married me, I provide unlimited entertainment and laughs for him.

The Trail of the yarn
starts here...

And winds through here

And here

And ends up here!
                   This is the culprit                                                        

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