Monday, January 16, 2012


This was an interesting tour. In 1987 a group of scientists were trying to prove that humans could live in a controlled enviornment and maintain a "totally green" lifestyle.  This huge biosphere was built and in 1991 eight scientists moved in for 2 years. They were to have no outside contact as far as food, air, water..the essentials. They had email and telephone contact but nothing else.  They grew gardens, generated their own food, oxygen, water..all the esstenials of life.  The only problem was that they could not generate enough oxygen and had to have oxygen pumped in several times. Some say the project was a failure because of this and the fact that they couldn't generate enough food to sustain their calory intake.  Others say it was a success in all the experiements they were able to do.

At any rate it was interesting to see. The University of Arizona now uses the facility as a study and training lab.  Well worth the tour.
This is the outside of one of the wings of the Biosphere 2

 Inside the living/working area.
This Palo Verde tree and cacti
have developed a symbotic relationship. The
cacti was using  the Palo Verde to support it's
spines and the Palo Verde was drawing
nutrients from the spine of the cacti to
support it's life.  A very rare occurance we
were told.
This is the Tropical Rain Forest

Next we descended into the "Lung" of the Biosphere. This is where they equalized the air pressure inside the sphere.  In the day as the air turns hot it goes into the lung and expands and thus air is allowed to be pumped throughout the system. 

This is the "Lung".  The black diaphram in the ceiling expands and contracts as the air pressure in the shpere changes.  It was like an outer space experience.  When we opend the door to leave the diaphram immediately began to fall.


 The Biosphere is now used for reasearch by The University of Arizona.

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