Saturday, January 14, 2012

Phoenix and Beyond

Mark was in heaven. He got to eat at his favoite breakfast place Mimi's!
 Brandon's Christmas Suit
Macey hosts a Tea Party

           Mark gets a pedicure
Brekken get a pedicure

So I am really behind on this blog so I will try to condense it. We spent Christmas with nephew Brandon and family and just enjoyed their company. Got to spend time with Becky and Wade and my friend Amber Martinez.  Macey and Kimber Cox hosted a wonderful tea party that included a pedicure and manicure for both Mark and I.  I spend much of the time fightin gmy new iphone that we got to use as a hotspot. But alas couldn't connect. After several trips to Verizon and Apple and several heated discussion with both on the phone we discovered we hadn't deleted our "cookies" (I don't even know what that is) But hooray it worked so now we are up and running.

                                                   Ambre and Gilbert Martinez and their cute boys. We had one of the best Mexican dinners I've ever had at Bonita Family Mexican Resturant in Anthem.

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