Tuesday, February 21, 2012


We had the deekend to get a few things done and to go to the Music Dance Theater Showcase at BYU with Tim anf Linda Threlfall.  What talented young people!  Today we went to Salt Lake to take a tour of the Temple Square with some of the young single sister missionaries.  We were to observe how they gave the various presentations.  The whole focus of the Visitor Center and Historic Site Centers is to "Bring souls unto Christ". The girls did a beautiful job and we saw the most marvelous video presentation on the family as an eternal unit.  We were all speechless at the end of the presentation.

These are views of Salt Lake today. You can imagine it in 1847.
They also spoke of the faith of the early pioneers when they came to the Salt Lake valley.  They showed us a picture of the valley and it was desolate. Then they took us up on top of the church office building and had us view the existing Salt Lake Valley and what  it has become.  The point to me was that throught the faith and endurancer of these early pioneers and their devotion to God they were able to accomplish a great thing.

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