Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Yesterday we went on a journey to find inexpensive diesel fuel. We found it for $3.95/gallon. We have a 100 gallon tank in our truck so try to fill it when we find a good deal. That is the best we have seen.  We are starting to find our way around and discovered in some cases it is quicker to take the internal roads rather than the freeway system.  We went to the town of Lemon Grove to get our gas, although I didn't see an entire lemon in the town except a large cement lemon that welcomed us to the town.

We were invited to join all the other senior missionaries to their Family Home Evening at the Mormon Battalion Site.  There were about 25 couples there and a few that couldn't attend. Eight couples work with what they call Military Relations. There are many military bases here in the area and these people are mostly retired military people who are support people for the military families. It amazes me how the church takes care of all of it's members.  Others work with the Church Education program and work with the young adult and college students. They have a new program I think it is called Center for Young Adults and these people teach Institute classes and work with college students and young working adults.  Then there are our 4 couples who work at the Battalion site as hosts and guides.  Several people were ending their missions and said some farewell remarks. It made me sad to think that one day I will have to be saying farewell to this lovely place...even before I get started.  The Mission President and his wife were there. President Robert Clayton.  He is a retired anesthesiologist and his 2 brothers who are Plastic Surgeons were there.  They did a presentation on medical concerns for Senior Citizens.  Very interesting.  Everyone was very welcoming and friendly.  Several of the men asked Mark about playing golf on days off.  He is wishing now that he had brought his golf clubs.

We leave Sunday to fly up to Provo to go to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) We will finish on Wednesday Feb. 22 and then fly back here on Thursday Feb. 24 and we are getting really excited and anxious to get going.

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