Saturday, February 25, 2012


We had a wonderful 10 days in Provo at the missionary training center MTC in Provo, Utah. The young trainers were excellent and we learned so much about teaching and serving people.  We did lots of role playing and met other couples and single missionaries who were going all over the world and who were from every imanginable place.  Made some wonderful new friends.  The second week we learned about church historic sites and visitor centers and how to give tours and meet people.  That is right up the alley for Mark and I.
We finished Wednesday and packed our bags and headed for Salt Lake for our last night. Rose early and were off to San Diego.  We were so excited to get started and excited to get out of the cold and back to warmth.  A man from the mission picked us up and took us to our RV to get setteled.  Later that evening we drove into Old Town and picked up our costumes.

Friday morning bright and early we were on the trolley with our costumes in hand and headed for our first day of work.  We met with our director and his wife to get oriented. Ed and Shari Seegmiller. They are great people and we really clicked with them.  They went over our basic duties and then asked if we would be over some Public Relations projects in Old Town.  One of the things we will be doing is meeting the merchants in Old Town and getting to know them and what their busineses are all about, an then inviting them to see our facility.  We will also be involved in other special events.  I also am in charge of taking photos of events and maaking what they call the Birthday Books for all the missionaries,  (Sounds like scrapbooking to me. Yikes I haven't ever done that).
We then spent our first day getting right into the thick of things and helping with the tours.  We greeted people all day and told them about the Ballation Historic Site and met so many wonderful people form all over the world.  Had some great conversations and great contacts.  We are working with 22 young single missionary  girls.  They are dolls and we already love them all.

"Yee Haw"

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  1. So glad you like what you're doing. Leave it to Pat to go someplace where she gets to dress up and be "on stage" - excuse the pun (or not). So happy for you. Are the Seegmillers from the Moscow Idaho area by chance?