Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our Visitors

I am so excited about my tomato plant. I bought it at Walmart about a month ago and now look at it. Over 16 tomatoes and tons more on the way. Looks like a lot of salsa will be up and coming.  I think it grows a foot a day.

We have been fortunate to have several visitors since we have been here. It is so fun to see family and dear friends.
 Betty Hansen Gibbons (Sister to my good BYU Theater friend Linda Hansen Jordan)
 Cousin Lynn Hansen and wife Linda
Coeur d' Alene friends Rod and Kent and daughter Tawny Dunn
Pat's brother Herb Macey
One of our missionary "sons" Thomas Love
Another missionary "son" Matt Kitchen and his family from Las Vegas
More Coeur d' Alene friends Carolyn Sampert and daughter Jenny

Mark's brother Mervin and wife Kathleen came by also but I can't find my photo.

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