Sunday, May 13, 2012


Sorry I have gotten so busy that I haven't taken time to post on here for awhile. So I will try to catch up on the past two months. We have been really busy at The Battalion with all the folks coming in for Spring Break. We just made it through Cinco de Mayo and had about 600 people come in on just Saturday. It was crazy but fun to see folks from all over the world. We are still enjoying the beautiful weather here (most of the time) Some foggy days but the flowers and tree are spectacular.
Bougainvillea at The Mormon Battalion
Statue of Battalion Soldier at The Presido Hill above Old Town

Tribute to the women of The Mormon Battalion

There were 80 women and children who went on the march. Twenty of the women were hired as  Laundresses and made 20 cents a month in pay. Only four women made it all the way to California. Most were sent to Pueblo, Colorado with the sick detachment.

Happy 4th Anniversary from my dear husband on March 29th.

We have some new pets who have shown up to eat out of our bird feeder.

We went to Coronado Island and there were lots of weddings going on. This man make messages of sand for the newly married couples.

A beautiful and castle on Coronado Beach with the hotel in the background.

Mark being silly with Sister Kunz and Sister Mendez.
This is our version of an Avocado/Tomato Sandwich

Sisters Ortez, Stirling and McCullough having fun.
Sister Ortez talks to Zemira

Sister Burden helping Mark with our camera.
Mark is in charge of maintenance on our computerized system.  It is constantly breaking down.

Sister Newman's birthday with Kennington and Tanner.
Peek a boo I see you.
Sister Ortez
Sister Mendez's first day at the Battalion.  She is from Mexico City, but has lived in the US and speaks fluent English. What a doll.

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